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So my family has tried doing thanksgiving gather on saturday before, no one liked it. it's since been on thursday (normal t-day)for the past few years. easy to plan for me; thurs i'm with family, friday pick up friend from airport, poomie comes into town as well and leaves sunday so i spend fri to sun with him. keeping in mind that sat is the only real full day i get with him.

like a week ago they decide to tell me they moved it back to doing the family gathering on a sat, the worse day in my schedule and also the worse day to break up a 4 day weekend. i tell them sat i had plans already and they tell me if i cant make it, it's fine. however, christmas and new years i'll be gone as well so no family time but i will be with poomie for that entire time.

what do i do...? i like being with poomie a lot more than with the family.
do i get guilted into going to see the family or stay behind?
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I'm in the market for a new watch. I am having trouble deciding between two watches. I made a quick side by side comparison and would like opinions.

Pros for the left are the calendar that never needs adjusting and kinetic power.
Pros for the right are the chronograph, thinner, less expensive.

I think i like the way the left one looks better. The two vertically stacked circles might be a bit too bold for me.

What do you guys think? Please don't suggest I go buy an omega or breitling instead as i dont have that kind of money Xp


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Bramble posted a picture and it was totally unintentional. First thing that comes to my mind...

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Not my fault for thinking it....

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Successful day of paintball july 3rd.
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Mmm...power and 'spensive. Easy to identify.

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Thanks to Poomie for flying me out on such short notice to a fantastic weekend in Chicago. I think these two pics pretty much speak for themselves :) I love you lots, kitty! *kisses*

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Far left...Thanks again team :)

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